martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

5 reasons to visit Vejer

1. Location                                                                                         

Vejer (the white town) is located in the province of Cadiz. What makes this place so unique and special is the beautiful view they have since they are located on top of a hill near the beach.

2. Architecture:

Vejer has conserved the Arab-Andalusian architecture for a long time. You can visit the medieval castle, the churches, and many other monuments that were constructed many centuries ago which are the reason why Vejer won the National Award of town beautification in 1978.

3. Gastronomy:

When talking about food, Vejer is an extravagant destination because you can enjoy a land and sea fusion. Having the beach so close is one of Vejer’s assets since they can offer fresh seafood and probably the best. Plus, restaurants have tried to mix the modern and the traditional plates to offer more variety and satisfy the demand of different generations.

4. Crafts:

Vejer is a common and frequent destination for many foreigners. They bring their arts and crafts and, together with Vejer’s crafts, provide an interesting and satisfying shopping experience to the tourists.

5. Activities:

Spending some quality time at the beach is not the only activity at Vejer. There are several aquatic sports that you can practice; surf is definitely one of them. You can ride bikes around the town and if you are an animal lover, you can ride a horse as well. Or, you can simply walk around and appreciate every corner of the town. Getting bored is not an option.