lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Attractions near Vejer de la frontera

Vejer De La Frontera is situated perfectly as a starting point for the further exploration of the surrounding areas which are full of attractions no mater what your preferences may be.

In a mere two hours you could be on the African continent by crossing the Gibraltar strait by boat, and because of the different time zone you would arrive at the same time as you started your journey. In the surrounding areas of Vejer you have orchards of oranges, wines and olives as well as pastures where they breed the Spanish bull destined for the bullfighting arenas.

Costa de la Luz.
The coast of light is located in the southwest of Spain in the Andalusia autonomous region. It stretches from Gibraltar in the south to Portugal in the north, facing the Atlantic Ocean head on, with its windy beaches this is the best place in Europe for windsurfing and kite surfing.

Costa del Sol is the most visited coastline in Spain with beaches packed with tourists and Spaniards alike, but Costa de la Luz is an unspoilt pearl if you want to experience real Spanish culture and cuisine, the windy beaches with its course white sand and the open ocean bathing in sunlight is therapy for both mind and body.
There are two nature reserves within five kilometers of Vejer and the biggest oak forest is a 30 minute drive from Vejer.

Take a trip to El Palmar, the premier surfing beach in the region of Andalusía. You have the roman ruins at “Bolonia”  When staying in a hotel in Vejer de la frontera you are Within close proximity to both Cadiz and Jerez two cities of great cultural and historical value you need just rent a car or use the public transportation system to be there in a flash. The freedom of having a car is not to be understated here because of the myriad of experiences you would have within your reach, anywhere you would go rest assured the scenery is spectacular and the vibe of Spain is to be felt.