viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

The coast of light: Vejer de La Frontera

One of the most beautiful places to see and explore in Spain is a coast called Costa de La Luz (The coast of light). The coast is situated between Cadiz (the regional capital) and Tarifa (the southernmost point of Europe). Beaches and cliffs are stretching up to the border with Portugal. Costa de la Luz begins in the east, near the town of Tarifa - the most famous surfing center in whole Spain. With a good weather you can enjoy the view of the African continent. While staying in Andalusia you can’t miss visiting Cadiz – the oldest city in Europe, with beautiful historical city centre and amazing beaches.

But to fully explore Andalusia you should escape from crowded cities like Tarifa or Cadiz and travel around small, charming towns on a countryside.

Long time ago Andalusians settled in fortified towns and villages, located on hilltops. Those typical white towns remained and the lives of residents has not changed for centuries. One of the towns is called Vejer de la Frontera. It has a rich historical tradition and remained its ancient character created by merchants, sailors and fishermen. If you happen to stay in a hotel in Vejer de la Frontera you will experience typical Andualusian climate with fiestas and traditional flavors in local bars and restaurants -  Spanish tortilla, paella, gazpacho and countless tapas. You can enjoy the sun, which shines here almost continuously from spring to autumn.

Once the Spaniards traveled around the world to discover it. Today, the story made a full circle and now many tourists from all over the world are discovering Spain: from the land and the sea, at the beach, or among the ancient buildings and museums. They travel by olive groves, orange and almond plantation. They wander around wine trails and historical routes. And all of this in Andalusia.