lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

The benefits of staying in the historic center of Vejer

Once to get known with amazing beaches of Vejer, we will present the most attractive historic district and what it has to offer.

This village on the province of Cádiz, habited by 13.000 people, lives by the tourism, farms and agriculture. To amend the economy that comes from the tourism, the city council of this local mounted a service of renting scooters to the travelers. This way the city council wanted to make the moving from one place to another easier and more comfort.

One of the cultural places in Vejer is The Sunshine Tour, where the addicted of sports meet. Also, the place worth of special mention is the church of Divino Salvador and the sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Oliva de Vejer.

Because of all of this and even more, it is worth of staying night in Vejer, on the hotels of good quality that guarantee an amazing staying.