jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015

Ornithological tourism in Vejer de la Frontera

Andalusia is one of the places where it is possible to find big quantity of natural habitats in one small area with different characteristics and different species. As a reference to the ornithology, it is one of the communities where the most birds may be observed, were they autochthony species or seasonal
migratories. And Cádiz is precisely the province that has the main number of natural areas that are conserved better than anywhere. There the birds pass by during the whole year.

The reason why so many birds pass by Cadiz is the strait of Gibraltar, the route that many birds follow on their seasonal migrations, originated from the african continent as well as those that come from the north and the rest from the Europe to search for warmer climate during the winter time. There are many visitants that search for the accommodation in Vejer, because of its location near the strait, to find this ornithologic tourism and to see shoal of the birds like the black stork, the griffon vulture or the imperial eagle, that plow the sky of the province.